Understand Your
University Information

How to get this for your own attendance:
  1. 1
    Email your Student Hub (for Science and Engineering - science-hub@hull.ac.uk) and say something along the lines of 'Dear Student Hub, I am requesting a copy of my attendance in CSV format. Thanks'

  2. 2
    They'll send you a CSV of your attendance as an attachment (you may have to view the enquiry on evision.hull.ac.uk to see it).

  3. 3
    Download your CSV, select it on this page below and press 'Show my attendance'

  4. View your data, as soon as you leave the page it will be deleted

This tool is not provided by or associated with the University of Hull, and is provided as-is and without warranty.

Don't fancy uploading your attendance file to someone else's server? That's cool too.
Download the server from GitHub here and run it yourself.